PRIAM contact management software

integrated marketing

a powerful database marketing tool

Integrated database marketing is a powerful tool within Call Centre Manager allowing data from the PRIAM database to be quickly and easily extracted.

Database lists can be created and extracted via a wizard using criteria such as profiles, source codes or via parameterized recency, frequency and value (RFV) calculations.

Multiple profiles and source codes can be included or excluded. Lists can be extracted to include or exclude contact names or to include just the primary contact.

Key details

Multiple database lists can be extracted using the extract wizard.

Customer accounts can be selected or excluded individually or in total. Lists can be:

• Mail merged directly into rich text format documents using predefined letter templates
• Merged into emails again using predefined templates
• Exported directly into a CSV or Excel format for presentation to other systems i.e. email marketing systems
• Assigned as a task for an agent or group of agents to follow up as a telephone call, letter, or email

Profiles can be written back to accounts to indicate that a database list has been extracted for future database segmentation.