Diligent Trader - the trading system for technology retailers

diligent trader business system

complete trading system for technology retailers

Is the complete trading system for mobile phone or computer equipment traders. Diligent Trader combines a trading stock board facility with complete task automation, full audit trail and due diligence compliance with HM Customs and Excise and ISO9002 requirements.

Diligent Trader drives PRIAM ERP and CRM functions from business practise schemas. It allows you to map out the complete process flow, breaking down activities into discrete elements and linking them together to achieve business goals.

Due diligence compliance with HM Customs and ISO9002 requirements with full audit trail and complete task automation.

A stock board trading facility allows automated deals to be created from availability and requirement details.

Integrates seamlessly with the PRIAM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and powerful Sales Manager (CRM) system.

Suitable for mobile phone and computer equipment traders, ISO9002 process mapping, companies wishing to map and control complex business processes.

Diligent Trader in detail

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