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adding social collaboration

appease Blog is the module that allows integrated blogging on appease websites. Blogging is a collaborative space on a site where registered customers can voice their opinions and ideas on news and articles posted.

A well run blog can hugely increase the performance of an e-commerce website. The vast majority still do not have blogs so this is very much a chance to gain a competitive advantage.

Blogging will eventually be taken on board by all e-commerce websites. Increased sales, loyalty and brand awareness for very little cost, appease Blog provides the opportunity now.

appease blog - differentiate yourself


appease Blog creates a sense of community on your site. Customers exchange thoughts and views with each other and the website management. Blogs are ongoing events, once people have invested in them they will return repeatedly to check for updates. Visiting your site becomes a habit.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website becomes more popular through appease Blog. New content is constantly added to the site which means Google indexes it far more often. The blogs widen the range of your content meaning you are found on a greater number of searches. The number of new and repeat visitors increases dramatically.


People love to buy things, but they hate to be sold to. No matter how well you write your website consumers know you are trying to sell to them. They want to believe how marvellous your products are but are suspicious of your motives. Independent reviews written by other consumers are a huge reassurance, very often all that is needed to turn a potential sale into an actual one. appease Blog increases your sales.


You control the blogs on your site. This means you can really show your customers that you know their subject and love it. Enthusiasm is infectious, a blog will give your company personality, a priceless commodity in business today.


appease Blog is a hugely powerful marketing tool. You can run themed blogs, competitions with prizes and even be controversial to create a buzz around your company. You can enter into two way communication with your customer base making them feel part of something, offering advice and answering queries for others to see. If people visit your site even when they don't have a purchase to make they certainly will when they do.


Like appease the appease Blog module is incredibly easy to set up and use. No technical knowledge is needed. In tune with the whole of the PRIAM range it is fully user definable. You can ensure nothing is written on your site you do not approve of, use dashboards for statistical analysis and customise all blogging parameters.

the appease blog admin screen how RU Crafts have used their appease blog