PRIAM appease - e-commerce and CMS software

appease functionality

a fresh concept for changing times

appease supports a wide variety of B2B and B2C models within its modular format and a huge amount of functionality, all generated from the PRIAM back-office system.

It is the complete web and e-commerce solution with a choice of shopping carts, comprehensive content management, enhanced security, client notification and many other features.

Fully compatible with the PRIAM back office

The power of PRIAM and appease allows you to bring all of your channels into one fully integrated system across a range of B2B or B2C models. If you have retail shops, a call centre and e-commerce, PRIAM and appease provide the most comprehensive multi-channel solution available.

Heavyweight functionality

Setup downloadable products

Appease has a sophisticated module for handling downloadable products. This is distinct from products where an information sheet, for example, can be downloaded from the normal product detail page - these external resource files can simply be linked from the stock master file.

Items referred to here as paid downloads are products that can be purchased but are then not physically sent out but instead are made available on the website for the user to download.

In addition, there are also free downloads. These are also products that are made available to download. The difference here is that the customer does not have to purchase them - they are made available to selected customers by the site administrator.

Order status and history

Allow your customers to enquire on the status of their current order or browse through the history of previous orders.

Choice of shopping carts

Use the appease e-commerce module to create extensive, flexible shopping cart functionality. Allow your customers to track their purchases throughout the site and create 'sticky baskets' to encourage purchases from subsequent visits.

Upselling and related items

Use the power of the PRIAM back-office system to upsell related products and accessories in any part of your site.

Comprehensive benefits and discounts

Link your offers to powerful marketing reports and analysis throughout all of your channels. Create BOGOF's free gifts, initial offers and complex discount structures all integrated with the back-office.

Automate the ordering process

Ensure that you have valid billing and delivery addresses with quick addressing. appease provides complete PCI compliance, supports CV2 security code checking and address verification. Use Verify by VISA and Mastercard Securecode to prevent fraud and for total payment security.

Loyalty schemes, vouchers, personalisation and gift registry

appease supports a wide variety of product and order based functionality that gives your e-commerce solution total flexibility.

Flexible customer notifications

appease provides a wide range of customisable, notification options to keep your customers and employees informed of their current order status. Use the powerful 'triggers' and workflow functionality within PRIAM to ensure that contact is maintained with the customer and that problems are dealt with before they become 'issues'.

Advanced search options

Ease of use and the ability to locate products quickly within your on-line store are vital. Use the power of appease to enable users to locate and buy products for an enhanced experience and increased customer satisfaction.


Built on the proven PRIAM e-commerce web technology, appease allows your web sites to grow as your company grows. With built-in scalability appease is ideal for small, medium and large organisations alike.

appease downloadable products setup screen