PRIAM ERP software

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PRIAM ERP's key area

PRIAM ERP Software controls and analyses every contact with customers therefore enabling a better service and relationship. Unlike other quality systems offering this functionality, PRIAM integrates this into the whole Enterprise Resource Planning framework.

PRIAM offers customer-facing organisations a unique product that raises the quality of customer response handling to the highest level.

From one screen, the operator can see all previous contact that has taken place with the customer. These include orders, returns, letters, complaints, brochure sends, notes etc

From this window, the operator can drill down and obtain, for example, despatch detail for an order, refund status, call back results and customer account detail. For each level of operator a range of functions can be handled covering all areas of customer service. This means one operator can deal with all aspects of a customer call rather than pass issues through to other departments.

Customer Relationship Management features

Typical call-centre functions triggered from this screen include:

• Order processing, including amending and cancelling orders
• Returns processing
• Automated customer complaints handling linking to letters and diary actions
• Producing letters and e-mails from templates
• Note production
• Catalogue/brochure despatches
• Questionnaire handling
• Diary management