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Multilingual eCommerce

How would your business benefit from new customers?

The great advantage of having an eCommerce solution is the fact that you can sell products to anyone in the world. The internet has no borders so the entire global market is completely within your reach. Or is it? There are nearly 7000 languages in use today. English is only spoken by roughly 20% of the world's population and while many Internet users who don't speak English can muddle through it is an unsurprising fact that not speaking the language is extremely off-putting especially whilst attempting to spend money.

By adding multilingual facilities to your site you are not only improving your solution but you are broadening your target market to a much wider audience. You will be able to provide users all around the world with information and the ability to purchase from your website by changing the text into any language that they require. In turn this will help you to increase sales revenue and help grow your business.

A solution to gain international sales

PRIAM can help you provide a truly international eCommerce solution. From a single UK language database PRIAM can provide all of the necessary functionality to allow you to create and maintain your entire site in multiple languages. This includes:

  • All product descriptions
  • Any offers or promotions
  • All text based web content
  • Images
  • Buttons, pop-ups and help text

PRIAM provides everything you will need for a successful multilingual site. This also applies to handling multiple currencies and taking payments.

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