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Mobile Phone Software from PRIAM - handling all aspects of the mobile phone business. If you distribute, sell through shops, mail order, or over the web, there's only one fully developed mobile phone software system available.

PRIAM business software has 2000 programs to handle all aspects of the mobile phone business.

Without doubt it is the market leader for medium to large size players in the mobile phone market-place.

PRIAM handles all business functions for different segments of the mobile phone industry, providing a fully integrated and comprehensive software solution. With the coming shake-out in the mobile sector, only the most efficient companies will survive. These are the ones with complete and immediate control of every area of the business, the ones using the best mobile phone software available.

Mobile Phone Software - Full Tracking

The PRIAM system tracks mobiles and accessories for all the following processes:

• Booking items into warehouses/shops
• Moving stock between warehouses/shops
• Running stock checks for warehouses/shops
• Adjusting stock levels in warehouses/shops
• Despatching stock to customers from shop or warehouse

All of the above will handle phones and accessories. For any phone, PRIAM knows the identification required e.g. SIM, IMEI, phone number, or serial number, and all processes above will track movements using these identifiers. PRIAM also knows which staff member moved the stock items.

In short, PRIAM provides full stock history and traceability from IMEI, SIM, MPN, or serial number. Bar code scanners can be used to identify any stock item for any movement e.g. items can be booked into warehouses by scanning in identifying numbers, can be moved to other locations by bar code reference, and can be despatched through shop or warehouse using scanners.

PRIAM will also handle ranges of identifying numbers e.g. for different sized boxes of vouchers from different service providers. Hand held portable scanners can also be used to handle most stock control functions with full traceability PRIAM is so intelligent that it will not confuse different identifying numbers e.g. it will not scan the IMEI number from a boxed phone into a phone number or SIM field.

Network Connections

With some networks, including Orange and Singlepoint, we can connect on-line and carry out credit vetting and connections, saving the need to have long-winded phone calls to the service provider. You can choose at which point you connect the phone to the network - it can be connected at point of sale or when despatched (in mail order), or later when the customer has received the phone and the contract has been completed.

Commission Handling

There is no limit to the service providers, tariffs, commissions and additional extras that can be set up. Where connections are made for consumers (not dealers), PRIAM calculates the commissions due from various areas. These are then reported in as commissions due from the service provider, are taken into account in the sales analysis reports, and are also held in a cash book. When statements arrive from the service provider, they can be imported into the commissions cash book from e-mail and automatically reconciled on an open item basis. This means that if a particular sale involved tariff commission, handset commission and accelerator bonus then these components are marked individually as paid with the balance e.g. the accelerator, left as outstanding.

When phones are sold by distributors to dealers, the distributor can either connect the phone for the dealer or allow the dealer to do so. At the point of selling to the dealer the phone is shown on an 'in channel' report with an anticipation of connection.

When the dealer receives the commissions statement from the service provider, the dealer can now be paid on a self-billing invoice whatever proportion of the commission agreed. The distributor can also chase phones via the in channel report, possibly sold net, that have not been connected.

Staff Commissions

When setting up tariffs and product details you can specify how much staff will receive for commission. From this data, PRIAM will produce reports to summarise the sales commission due, allow for editing these and produce detailed commission statements for members of staff. For returned items or cancelled contracts, PRIAM will automatically claw back commissions from staff.

Stock Returns

All the existing functionality of PRIAM is available in the mobiles system with the additional benefits of tracking product and allowing for clawbacks on commissions.

• Customer returns directly backs into supplier returns
• Returns optionally reference customers' original order
• User-definable actions on return to control the stock and accounting needs
• Complete flexibility on refunds/credit notes/replacement orders
• Analysis of returns by user-defined parameters
• Returns authorisation procedure, pre-authorised or post-authorised
• Option to replace prior to return

Service & Repair

Offering a service/repair option gives mobile phone companies a major advantage over their competitors by increasing customer loyalty, offering upsell opportunities and providing contact with the competitor's customers.

The mobile system offers all the functionality of the PRIAM service / repair modules. Additionally, it has the ability to track phones by IMEI, SIM, MPN, or serial number. Repair detail forms part of the customer's database record.


• Stock forecasting based on previous campaigns or sales history
• Suggested replenishment based on criteria defined for stock
• Suggested criteria for stock items from previous history
• Reorder lists by supplier
• Each line of automatic reorder is explained and can be overridden
• Purchase orders monitored for non-delivery
• Multi-branch consolidation and allocation of purchases

Targeted Mailings

PRIAM maintains a record of every dealing you have with your customer from sales to returns and complaints. From this database you can specifically target the right customer with the right offer. So if you want to offer upgrades, renew contracts, switch tariffs or sell any add-ons, then PRIAM will make sure you are adapting the offer to fit the customer.

Selling to existing customers is 10 times cheaper than finding new ones, but not if you use the scattergun approach of non-specific mailings.

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